I’m Sick and Tired of the Oppression Olympics

Acknowledging my struggle does not mean I am disregarding yours

The Oppression Olympics

When it comes to that last comment, I can’t say for sure who it is from. Mainly because this is a person who has no profile picture and according to their bio the only reason they have an account is to “review the biased, liberal bubble that continually eliminates opposing points of view”. So I guess that’s scholarly talk for “I want to troll and argue”.

It’s Not Always About You

I believe the worst thing you can do to someone who is voicing their stress, worry, etc. about something that they’re going through is try to turn the subject back around to yourself. In some ways, people do this to show points of commonality. However, in most cases I have seen, it does nothing to help the other person and simply just detracts from the point.

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It’s a Societal Issue, Don’t Take it Personally

The thing about people who are quick to jump in and say “No, that’s happened to me too!” or “I have it way worse as a [insert race, gender, or sexuality]”, is that they are taking their individual experiences and making it fact.

What Exactly are We Winning Here?

Sometimes I hear people go on saying “our group has it harder because of xyz” and I just want to genuinely ask them: for what are you trying to incite this debate? Seriously, what is the prize for being the most oppressed and marginalized group on Earth? Do we get a trophy? A cash reward? What is it about me talking about a problem that doesn’t include you that makes you believe that there is a competition to be won?

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